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So you think you might like to be a Granpa Cratchet Star Performer and run a tour.  You might want to think again. It’s not just about performing puppets. It’s about performing as a professional business person, a public relations person and performing the duties of a route manager and more.

Here’s a few of the hats you have to wear to be a performer/route manager:

  • Do the Granpa Voice
  • Set Up and Repair Equipment
  • Learn Fast, Take Instructions
  • Drive Equipment
  • Work Well With Kids
  • Impress the Clients/Sponsors/Professionals
  • Get Dirty and Work in the Heat
  • Do Great Puppets
  • Have a Lot of Energy
  • Have a Great Sense Of Humor
  • Love To Travel
  • Be Able to Drive & Maneuver  Equipment (truck & trailer)
  • Control Your Tongue and Temper
  • Think On Your Feet
  • Solve Problems
  • Have a Great Attitude No Matter What
  • Do Paperwork
  • Think Ahead
  • Be Cool In A Crises
  • Keep Thinks Neat, Clean and Orderly
  • Be A Can Do Person
  • Be A Handy Man Fix It Person
  • Keep Track Of Details
  • Take Responsibility
  • Schmooze The Client
  • Love The Kids
  • Entertain 250 People for 20 Minutes with Total off the Cuff Silliness
  • Drive A Little Mobile Safely While Looking Totally Out Of Control
  • Learn a Script and Blocking for A Twenty Minute Show
  • Sell Product Till Your Face Turns Blue and your pockets bulge with cash


You’ll need to have theater experience, of course puppet experience is a big plus, be mature, be able to handle heavy equipment in the heat of the summer, be able to perform an elderly male voice, be able to manage yourself, put on a great performance and work with our clients. You need a valid driver’s license and be able to drive a truck and thirty foot trailer.  You’ll need to be available July (after the 4th) until the end of August, before labor day.


  • Competitive pay, a percentage of the contract gross
  • All equipment provided
  • Pay for training
  • All travel expenses covered (only personal items and food will be your cost)
  • You will be provided liability insurance (not health insurance) in case of on the road or on site accidents
  • A training and performance experience that will greatly enhance your puppetry expertise, but also expand your over all theater and management experience
  • Bonus percentage for product sold at the end of the show
  • Bonus for completing your tour and returning the equipment in the same working condition it left with
  • Bonuses will be considered and paid on a per situation if extenuating responsibilities occur


So here’s what happens. If you’re interested, we have openings for this summer’s tour. Send your head shot, and resume to I respond to all applicants within 48 hours. We’ll have a phone interview and you’ll submit a short puppet performance video. Upon acceptance you will be issued an independent contractor agreement outlining all responsibilities and benefits. Thank you for applying.


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