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Welcome to My Blogs

Hey You 3 by 4To see what you can see hover your curser over a category at the right and a drop down will tell you what that category is about.

To head on over to that category just click on one of them and read. Then make sure an leave a comment.

If you read Granpisms then leave one of your own in the comments.

If you read the history of Granpa in the archives leave a memory you have of meeting Granpa.

If you read Trips Down Memory Lane then leave your favorite memory about life in the good old days. I’d love to hear your story.

What are you interested in? The history behind Granpa Cratchet, then just click on Archives and History and you’ll see how Granpa came to be.

Want to have a laugh? Then click on the jokes category.

Want to hear about the good old days? Click on Trips Down Memory Lane and you’ll go back into the good old days with Granpa for a visit to yesteryear.

Just have fun as you journey back to the good old days with your favorite oldie, moldy, off the wall, totally wired, absolutely wacky – but lovable Granpa – ME!


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