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Welcome to My Blog

Hey You 3 by 4Hey there partner! Welcome to my blog. It’s always good to have my new best friend drop by for the first time. There’s lots of fun things to do on my blog.

Check out the categories to go to your favorite spot on my blog. 

Itinerary – Check out where my show is appearing live.

Archives – Awesome stories of life on the road and the history of Granpa Cratchet. You might even see yourself!

Jokes – You just can’t laugh too much! We are entertainment. There’s videos for your kids

Articles – If you’re an event you’ll find articles that will help you learn how to find and showcase great entertainment

Products – Find great products that teach your kids good old fashioned values from the good ole days.

Behind the Scenes – You’ll get to see behind the scenes and so much more. So get started right now! Sign up to follow my blog and get extra special deals on products just for you.

Sam Into the DeepThanks for stopping by, hope you stick around and have a few laughs. Have fun and drop us a line in the comments section. If you have a great memory with Granpa I’d love to hear from you and make sure and become a follower.

Granpa Creator: Sam Bowman